Each adventure sets out in inspiration, but our character and resolve are tested in the middle; when nature takes over, plans go sideways, relationships are strained & the body and mind fatigue. It is in the middle when we take a breath, dig deep & choose to persevere. We start with inspiration & finish inspired, everything else comes down to hard work.

Malta Marina

The Rolex
Middle Sea Race

A historically challenging event — this 600 NM race has taken international yachts on a breathtaking course around Sicily since 1968. The fleet departs Grand Harbour in Malta for a scenic, but fierce, circumnavigation of Sicily in an unforgiving autumn Sea. Welcome to the Med.

Race Course
Race Flag
Meg and Morgen

Meg & Morgen
The Ocean Racers

2 Circumnavigators. 20+ Ocean Crossings. 200,000+ Ocean Miles. All in their 20s.

Morgen Watson & Meg Reilly founded Ocean Racers in 2015 to build the sport of offshore sailing and provide access & opportunity to aspiring sailors like themselves. Together they are focused on driving development personally, as a team and community, and empowering others to live beyond land.

Hermes sailing


Photograph: Tim Wright

The Ocean Racers program provides opportunities for sailors to race onboard the team’s Pogo 12.50, Hermes. Hermes is a unique racing-cruiser that shares the same hull as her race-pedigree sister: the Class 40. The team has customized their Pogo for double-handed and team ocean racing, and have logged over 30,000 NM plus an impressive list of world-class races.

Meg and Morgan

Annie-Claude Roberge


Armed with a combination of 20 years of film making experience & a deep empathy for her subjects, Annie documents her encounters with amazing people, the adventures they seek and the worlds they dwell in. She is energized by capturing an authentic moment; a challenge faced, an emotion expressed, a humbling encounter with a beautiful place. She joins the Hermes crew in 2018 to capture their Middle Sea Race experience.