Khimera™ Dual Flotation PFD

Khimera™ Dual Flotation PFD

The ultra-slim Khimera was designed to keep you nimble and fluid on the water, with a dual flotation design that levels up your gear by adapting to your situation.

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Khimera™ Dual Flotation PFD

This Vest Inflates!

Khimera™ Dual Flotation PFD

We created the Khimera™, a dual flotation pfd for high mobility and comfort during highly active movements on the water. Enough foam to keep you afloat when you are hopping in and out of the water. Confident protection at the pull of a handle for when shiz hits the fan.

Innovative dual protection, and no repacking required!
Geared for SUP, Flatwater Paddling, In-Shore Sailing and Fishing.

Our revolutionary dual flotation PFD. This vest inflates! It gives just enough foam to help you float and swim easily, plus it can easily be inflated to boost buoyancy with a quick pull of the manual handle when you really need it.

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Khimera™ Dual Flotation PFD


+Adjustable Straps
+Hidden Integrated Front Inflation
+Front Storage Pocket
+Anodized Metal Manual Inflation Handle
+Low Profile Slim Design
+Comfort Mesh
+Webbing Keeper Reduces Snags
+Hidden Integrated Back Inflation
+Oral Inflation Tube
+Easy Adjust Straps For Custom Fit

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