2018 Flotation Standards Update

Canada and the United States are working together to harmonize their flotation standards in order to improve the products and streamline the regulations. These new regulations are now starting to come into effect. This means that new devices that meet the updated standards will be approved for use in both Canada and the United States.

This harmonization work has led to a new performance classification system that will replace the old Type system. As a result, a new labelling system has been created that includes clear information and icons indicating performance of the device in the water. In addition to new labels, devices will include an information placard that will help users select a device that is both comfortable to wear and has the right performance (e.g. buoyancy, turning) for the planned activities.

Mustang Survival is proud to inform you that our new Khimera flotation vest is approved to the new harmonized standard. This means the Khimera has the new labels and can be sold and used in both countries. The performance level of the Khimera is indicated as a Level 70 and this should be considered equivalent to the old Type III foam classification. The Khimera complies with both Transport Canada and US Coast Guard requirements when worn and used for on water activities.

Currently approved devices will continue to be acceptable on board as long as they are in good condition. Devices with old labels continue to be approved in one country or the other, not both.

For more information, please go to wearitlifejacket.org. Mustang Survival will continue to provide information updates and go forward plans related to these new regulations.