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Hopefully you’ll never be in a life-threatening situation and all you’ll ever need to worry about is your sled, your friends and a great day in the snow. But if you ever run a frozen lake, cross a river, a creek or even just a pond, there is always the danger that you might fall through - it can happen in a heartbeat.

If it does, Mustang Survival’s flotation gear can protect you. Made in North America with Coast Guard approved flotation foam, our flotation products have been trusted by the Coast Guard, national militaries, and recreational boaters for over 40 years. Our snowmobile apparel will keep you afloat and delay the onset of hypothermia if you ever find yourself in icy cold water.

Ice Rider Flotation Bib Pant Model #: MP4231 + Learn More
Ice Rider Flotation Bib Pant for Women Model #: MP4227 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Coat Model #: MC5444 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Jacket Model #: MJ5244 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Pant Model #: MP4240 + Learn More