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Sailing. For solitude. For camaraderie. For competition. Or maybe just because you belong on the water.

At Mustang Survival we know you have your reasons and we make durable, comfortable and stylish products to fit your needs for each one. Most importantly, because you never know when you may need it, our products provides you with reliable life-saving protection.

EP 38 Ocean Racing Inflatable Vest Model #: MD6284 + Learn More
EP 6.5 Ocean Racing Dry Suit Model #: MSD500 + Learn More
EP 6.5 Ocean Racing Jacket Model #: MJ6510 + Learn More
EP 6.5 Ocean Racing Pro Smock Model #: MJ6520 + Learn More
EP Lite Ocean Racing Spray Smock Model #: MJ6500 + Learn More
EP 6.5 Ocean Racing Salopettes Model #: MP4500 + Learn More
Elite 38 Inflatable PFD Model #: MD5283 + Learn More
Elite™ 28 Inflatable PFD Model #: MD5183 + Learn More
Elite™ Inflatable PFD (Bass Competition) Model #: MD5183 BC + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Coat Model #: MC5444 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Jacket Model #: MJ5244 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Pant Model #: MP4240 + Learn More