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Rearm Kits

Elite 28 Hydrostatic Inflator Re-Arm Kit (Type A) Model #: MA5183 + Learn More
M.I.T. 100 Inflatable PFD Re-Arm Kit (Type D) Model #: MA2014 + Learn More
Hydrostatic Inflator Re-Arm Kit (Type C) Model #: MA7214 + Learn More
1F Automatic Inflatable PFD Re-Arm Kit Model #: MA7202 + Learn More
3F Manual Re-Arm Kit MA7203 Model #: MA7203 + Learn More
Re-Arm Kit for Automatic M.I.T.™ 22 Inflatable PFD Model #: MA2012 + Learn More
Re-Arm Kit for Manual M.I.T.™ 22 Inflatable PFD Model #: MA2010 + Learn More
Manual Inflatable Re-Arm Kit Model #: MA7170 + Learn More
Mustang Survival Rescue Stick Re-Arm Kit Model #: MA7206 + Learn More
CO2 Cylinder Model #: MI5700 + Learn More
Replacement Bobbins (Pack of 12) Model #: MA9210 + Learn More
Replacement Safety Pins (Pack of 100) Model #: MA7159 + Learn More