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For over 45 years, Mustang Survival has been researching, designing and manufacturing marine safety and climate protection products for recreational, professional and military users. Serious users like the Coast Guard, commercial fishermen, military professionals and even NASA astronauts rely on our products to protect them in unpredictable and hazardous environments. We’ve transferred that knowledge and expertise to designing and developing products that keep recreational users comfortable and safe while they simply enjoy having fun on or near the water.

The best Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is the one you wear. That's why choosing a PFD that fits comfortably and made for your activity is important. From foam vests and automatic inflatables PFDs to float coats and bib pants, we offer a complete range of products to meet your marine and outdoor activity needs.

IMPORTANT! HIT Inflatable PFD Safety Alert. Click here for more information.

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DLX 38 Inflatable PFD

High Visibility PFD Inflation Cells

High Visibility PFD

The First and Only in Canada

First inflatable approved as a life jacket in Canada

EP 38 Ocean Racing Inflatable Vest
ISAF Race Ready - Combines USCG and ISAF compliance
DLX 38 Inflatable PFD (Automatic)
Improved comfort and functionality
DLX 38 Inflatable PFD (Automatic)
Improved comfort and functionality
Rev Young Adult Vest
Designed and engineered specifically for young adult body shapes