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Small Vessel Life Jacket

A comfortable alternative
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This reversible life jacket is less bulky than a keyhole-type and can be worn while working on or near the water. The adjustable belt and drawcord ensure a secure fit and the large collar offers support and reflective tape for visibility.

This life jacket is approved to CAN/CGSB 65.7-M88 and meets the carriage requirement of small vessels under 15 tons and the WorkSafe BC requirements for working alone.

Fishing vessel regulations also require carriage of a keyhole MD8010 approved to CGSB 65-GP-14M

Recommend for:
Industrial Marine
Approval: TC Marine - CAN/CGSB 65.7 - Small Vessel Life Jacket
Model Number: MVC-10 UN

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  • 21lb buoyancy
  • Vest is reversible
  • Reflective tape
  • Adjustable belt and drawcord
  • Large collar

Life expectancy of a MVC-10 UN if it has come in contact with fuel grade diesel

We have tested products with similar materials after 24 immersions in marine diesel fuel without any problems. Diesel fuel primarily affects adhesives. There are no adhesives used on the MVC-10 UN. The flotation foam is polyethylene and this material is inert to most fuels and solvents.

Can the MVC-10 UN be worn under a Tyvek or CPF style protective 1 piece suit?

If the suit traps any air in the legs, the MVC-10 UN may not self-right a user. The head support may not work as intended as the suit will restrict its ability to provide head support.

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