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DISCONTINUED - Breathable Immersion Work Suit (Special Ops)

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AND MSL600 GS / MSL601 GS.

When operating conditions require a suit with greater durability than traditional dry suits and anti-exposure work suits, Mustang Survival offers the ultimate in cold weather Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The MSD900 SO is a 3-layer modular system that combines the protection of an immersion suit with the mobility and durability of a work suit.

The inner liner provides thermal protection and flotation using ultra soft closed cell foam which is then quilted with moisture wicking fabrics to regulate body temperature. The immersion module uses GORE-TEX® waterproof breathable fabric to allow the escape of excess moisture vapor while providing a waterproof barrier to the outside elements. The rugged outer shell protects against debris and is reinforced on the knees, seat and knees for abrasion resistance. These 3 modular layers are integrated into one unit to provide optimal protection and offer convenient repair or replacement of parts.

Designed for constant wear, the MSD900 SO can be used for special operations and covert applications where extreme durability is required.

Model Number: MSD900 SO

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  • Provides an estimated 6 hours of survival time in 32°F water, rating an immersed Clo of 0.74 (based on a thermally insulated mannequin)
  • 3 modular layers are integrated into one unit to provide optimal protection and offer convenient repair or replacement of parts
  • SOLAS/IMO reflective tape provides high visibility
  • Easy-clip belt keepers stabilize duty belts and gear
  • Inflatable pillow adds head support and improved freeboard
  • Fleece lined hand warmers offer relief for cold, wet hands
  • Elbows, knees and seat are reinforced with 500-Denier Cordura®
  • Closed Comfort System (CCS™) adjustable neck seal
  • Adjustable neck seal - US Patent No. 6,668,386 Canadian Patent No. 2,381,720

Three Layer System:

1st Layer - Thermal Layer

Using ultra-soft, polyvinylchloride (PVC) closed-cell foam, the thermal layer provides both hypothermia protection and inherent buoyancy. Quilted wicking fabric pulls moisture away from the body to ensure a dry, comfortable fit.

2nd Layer - Immersion Module

The immersion module uses light weight GORE-TEX ® waterproof breathable fabric to reduce heat stress and fatigue, while maximizing thermal and immersion protection. Trim to fit neoprene wrist seals ensure waterproof integrity and Mustang's patented Closed Comfort System (CCS™) adjustable neck seal can be worn loose to provide comfort out of the water and can quickly be drawn tight to keep the water out.

3rd Layer - Outer Shell

The urethane-coated nylon shell provides a durable water-resistant barrier to wind, sea spray and rain and protects the inner layers against debris. Seat and knee panels are reinforced using 500 Denier Cordura® Nylon to provide abrasion protection. Advanced Ventilation Technology (AVT™) venting design promotes heat and moisture regulation.

The MSD901 SO is available from Size S - XXL. Please see refer to the chart below for size measurements.

Sizing Chart
Size Chest Waist Inseam Chest Waist Inseam Weight Weight
XS 30" - 34" 28" 27" 76cm - 86cm 71cm 70cm 99lbs - 154lbs 45kg - 70kg
S 34" - 38" 28" - 30" 27.5" 86cm - 96cm 71cm - 76cm 70cm 99lbs - 154lbs 45kg - 70kg
M 38" - 42" 32" - 34" 31" 96cm - 107cm 81cm - 86cm 79cm 132lbs - 198lbs 60kg - 90kg
L 42" - 46" 36" - 38" 32" 107cm - 117cm 91cm - 97cm 81cm 176lbs - 242lbs 80kg - 110kg
XL 46" - 50" 40" - 42" 33" 117cm - 127cm 102cm - 107cm 84cm 198lbs - 276lbs 90kg - 125kg
XXL 50" - 54" 44" - 46" 34" 127cm - 137cm 112cm - 117cm 86cm 242lbs - 309lbs 110kg - 140kg
XXXL 54" - 58" 48" - 50" 35" 137cm - 147cm 122cm - 127cm 89cm 275lbs - 352lbs 125kg - 160kg
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