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Flight Commander Helicopter Passenger Transport Suit System

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Intended for transporting helicopter passengers over water, the Mustang Helicopter Passenger Transport Suit System is designed to provide flotation in case of accidental immersion in water and minimize the risk of drowning. The system is also designed to reduce thermal shock upon entry into cold water and delay the onset of hypothermia. This suit utilizes specific features that minimize the potential for snagging during helicopter egress and life raft boarding.

The Helicopter Passenger Transport Suit System consists of the MS2000v03 Flight Commander Immersion Suit and a MD1128v03 Life preserver, which are meant to be worn together.

This system is not adversely affected by sea water, perspiration or petroleum products and is resistant to flames, rot, corrosion and sunlight.

Recommend for:
Industrial Marine, Aviation
Model Number: MS2000 03

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MS2000v03 Flight Commander Immersion Suit


The outer shell is constructed of 210-denier polyurethane coated nylon fabric, which is resistant to puncture, tearing and abrasion. All seams are sewn and taped inside using hot air sealing tape to maintain water tightness. The high visibility shell provides waterproof coverage from the feet to neck and wrists.

Thermal Liner

Constructed using three layers of material, the interlining and inner lining are gold colored 100% nylon. These two fabrics enclose the 5.0 mm PVC foam flotation material. The Thermal Liner is designed to be removable, and is equipped with plastic fix-locks to fasten it into the legs of the suit, and wrists and fabric loops at the neck. The two zippers located along the front entry form the primary attachment to the shell.


  • a one-piece coverall with removable liner for easy care
  • neoprene wrist seals with tightening straps to improve in-water seal
  • fitted, CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Grade 1 approved polyurethane non-slip, steel toe boots with enough room for a workboot to be worn inside
  • a waterproof front closure zipper
  • a neoprene hood with splash guard, and spray hood
  • inflatable mitts provide dexterity and thermal protection
  • retro-reflective tape
  •  safety whistle and personal locator light
  • radio pocket included for marine immersion suit configuration
  • buddy line features a new stainless steel snap hook
  • three exhaust valves to reduce buoyancy and helicopter egress time
  • integrated inflatable head pillow helps keep the user’s head out of the water, increasing freeboard, face plane angle and field of vision

MD1128v03 Life Preserver

The inflated Life Preserver is a torso ring fitted around the vest, positioned below the arms, front lower chest and around the upper back. It is designed to be used only while attached to the Flight Commander Helicopter Passenger Transportation suit, and should never be used alone. When inflated, the cell supports the head and keeps the upper torso out of the water enhancing protection against hypothermia, and lessens the negative effect on core temperature.  The life preserver is inflated by using two separately operated carbon dioxide gas auto-inflation systems.


  • highly durable 210-denier polyurethane (PU) coated nylon
  • sea-dye marker pack in a small pocket
  • safety whistle and TSO approved water activated sea light
  • emergency jettison comprised of double grab rods for a betterescape
  • dump valve to aid ingress into a life raft and for emergencyegress
  • inflatable cell shape configured to facilitate raft boarding
  • accommodates a personal locator beacon and HEED/HUEBA bottle

Spray Hood

A removable spray hood has been added to the life preserver. The spray hood features retro-reflective tape, a large window, and has been tested to meet the CO² requirements of CAN/CGSB 65.16-2005. The spray hood is stowed on the back of the life preserver and can be easily deployed by the user.