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DISCONTINUED - Maritime Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP)

Maritime DTLP
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THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED. For inquiries related to this product, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-526-0532 or

The MD4020 Marine Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP) is designed to withstand a direct hit from a fire arm or fragment and still inflate (automatically or manually) when required. (US Patent 6,453,840, Canadian Patent 2,392,416)

Using Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HIT™), the MD4020 will automatically inflate within seconds when submerged in 4 or more inches of water and will not inflate prematurely due to rain, humidity or wind-driven sea spray. For missions that require manually activated inflation, an optional manual conversion cap (MA7219) can be installed allowing the operator to select the inflation capability (manual or automatic). The cell can be manually inflated with a simple pull of the beaded handle while an oral inflation tube provides backup inflation.

The MD4020 comes with a harness and can be integrated with most ballistic vests and provides extra flotation to compensate for the personal equipment and arms carried on missions. No inflator maintenance is required for five years, unless the DTLP is inflated.

Model Number: MD4020

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Constructed using 2 polyurethane coated nylon cellsAutomatically inflates using Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HIT™)Inflator is maintenance free for 5 years unless inflatedSecure-Zip™ closure system for easy repacking Oral inflation backup Pressure relief valve to prevent over-inflation SOLAS signal whistle & Sea LightBuddy line and lifting strap SOLAS reflective tape on inflated cell


Life Preserver Inflatable Cells

Each DTLP contains two inflatable cells. If one cell is compromised prior to inflation, the other cell can be inflated to provide full flotation performance.

If necessary, the DTLP can be inflated manually by pulling on the beaded handle for either chamber. Inflating either one or both chambers provide full function and both chambers have oral inflation backup and pressure relief valves to prevent over-inflation.

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SIZE: Universal Adult

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Hydrostatic Re-Arm Procedure

Hydrostatic Re-Arm Procedure

Hydrostatic Re-Arm Procedure