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PRO Solutions : Coast Guard

Working closely with the world’s most respected military professionals, Mustang Survival engineers the best mission specific personal protective equipment (PPE) gear available today. We are dedicated to working with the industry on the continual research and development of products specifically suited for Coast Guard professionals.

We offer a wide range of innovative and practical solutions, with Coast Guard markings and colors, to meet your mission requirements and are proud to be recognized as an authorized supplier for the U.S. and the Canadian Coast Guards.

Download our flyer introducing the new Sentinal 2.0 Dry Suits and Base Layers here or find them below.

auxlogo As a member of the USCG Auxiliary you may purchase direct from Mustang Survival on our General Services Administration contract. Please download the order form here.

Thermal Base Layer Midweight Bottom Model #: MSL603 + Learn More
Thermal Base Layer Midweight Top Model #: MSL602 + Learn More
Thermal Base Layer Lightweight Top Model #: MSL604 + Learn More
Inflatable Mesh SAR Vest Model #: MIV-20 CG + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Coat Model #: MC5445 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Jacket Model #: MJ5245 + Learn More
Catalyst Flotation Pant Model #: MP4240 + Learn More
Classic Flotation Bib Pant Model #: MP4212 + Learn More
Drysuit Test Kit MA8836 Model #: MA8836 + Learn More
Ice Commander Rescue Suit PRO Model #: IC9002 02 + Learn More
Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Model #: MD3071 + Learn More
Integrity Deluxe Flotation Suit Model #: MS-195 + Learn More