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Enhanced Coverage Lower Anti-G Garment

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Sage Green
Sage Green

Counter pressure garments are essential to the operational effectiveness and safety of the pilots and crews of today's high performance jet aircraft.

The physiological effects of acceleration and maneuver induced 'G' forces quickly diminish the pilot's performance and can frequently lead to 'G' induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC). Moreover, the enormous advances in jet fighter technology have outstripped the ability of conventional Anti-G garments to adequately protect today's generation of fighter pilots.

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Mustang engineered and manufactured Anti-G suits have an outstanding reputation for performance, quality, durability and reliability. The winning Canadian Air Force team at William Tell International jet fighter proficiency competition were all wearing Mustang Anti-G garments.

The focus now is on the development of new technologies and solutions to provide the enhanced performance that pilots of today and tomorrow will require.

In cooperation with various development agencies and producers with the community, Mustang is contributing to every major North American initiative in the field.

Mustang Survival has developed unique testing capabilities specifically targeted toward the quality assurance of articles in production. Every Mustang Anti-G garment is provided with evidence of specification compliance by serial number. One hundred percent testing is applied to these life critical products.

One of our major assets is the bridge we built between the laboratory and the factory. Our deep involvement in both worlds ensure we develop manufacturable and cost effective solutions where the value engineering step is inherent with Mustang's operational procedures.

The complexity of 'G' protection dictates that multi-disciplinary partnerships are formed to address all the essential considerations including full and proper integration with all other aspects of the aircraft and cockpit environment. Mustang is proud to be partnered in these endeavors with the best in the business in terms of Air Forces, research establishments and pertinent industrial colleagues.

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Model Number: MSF830

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Size Color NSN Mil Spec
SR Sage Green 8475-21-912-6415 D-22-564-000/SF-001
SL Sage Green 8475-21-912-6416 D-22-564-000/SF-001
MS Sage Green 8475-21-921-4619 D-22-564-000/SF-001
MR Sage Green 8475-21-912-6417 D-22-564-000/SF-001
ML Sage Green 8475-21-912-6418 D-22-564-000/SF-001
LR Sage Green 8475-21-912-6419 D-22-564-000/SF-001
LL Sage Green 8475-21-912-6420 D-22-564-000/SF-001
LXL Sage Green 8475-21-912-6421 D-22-564-000/SF-001
Sizing Chart
Size Height Height Weight Weight
SR 64" - 68.5" 162.6cm - 173.9cm 129lbs - 156lbs 58.51kg - 70.76kg
SL 68.5" - 73.1" 173.9cm - 185.7cm 129lbs - 156lbs 58.51kg - 70.76kg
MS 157lbs - 184lbs 71.21kg - 83.46kg
MR 64.7" - 70.3" 164.3cm - 178.6cm 157lbs - 184lbs 71.21kg - 83.46kg
ML 70.3" - 74.5" 178.6cm - 189.2cm 157lbs - 184lbs 71.21kg - 83.46kg
LR 66.8" - 71.7" 169.7cm - 182.1cm 185lbs - 212lbs 83.91kg - 96.16kg
LL 71.7" - 76.6" 182.1cm - 194.6cm 185lbs - 212lbs 83.91kg - 96.16kg
LXL 75.5" - 79" 191.8cm - 200.7cm 191lbs - 230lbs 86.64kg - 104.33kg
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