How To Find The Right Personal Flotation Device (pfd) For You

April 5, 2011

I presently have a Mustang manual inflatable with 26 lbs. buoyancy. I am 6'1" & weigh 225 lbs. Is. 26 lbs. buoyancy enough to support my weight? I would greatly appreciate an answer by Friday, 2/28/14--- Bass PronShops have their Spring Classic Sale starting Saturday, 3/1/14 & they have your vests on sale -- both the 26 lb. and 35 lb.
Thank You,
Greg Webb

Hi Greg,

Most people will naturally float in water, especially if they fill their lungs with air. Most require only about 11 pounds of extra buoyancy to keep their heads out of water. That is why a PFD with just 15-1/2 pounds of buoyancy can provide flotation for an adult--- even a large person. PFDs with 22 - 35 pounds of buoyancy provide superior performance and will be able to support your weight.

For our Universal sized PFDs, just ensure that your chest measurement falls within the 30"-52" size measurement, for a correct fit.

We hope you enjoy your Mustang Survival PFD!

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