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About Mustang Survival

At Mustang Survival, We Save Lives for a Living.

Established in 1967, Mustang Survival has been designing and manufacturing lifesaving solutions for over 50 years. Through constant innovation and application of new technologies, Mustang Survival is the leading supplier of quality flotation and personal protective equipment to the most demanding maritime and aviation customers including the Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, Water Rescue Teams, Fighter Pilots, Commercial Mariners and Recreational boaters.  

Mustang Survival is part of The Safariland Group family of brands.

Photo Caption: Mustang Survival founder, Irv Davies, with one of our legendary Floater™ Coats on our manufacturing floor.

From Concepts to Complete Solutions

What we offer is beyond just simple products – we provide trusted and reliable complete solutions that are among the most innovative in the industry.

The concepts for our products come from the real life needs of our users. From protecting kids, boaters or fishermen that unintentionally fall overboard to providing military teams with the flotation, hypothermia and acceleration protection they need as they head straight into harm’s way, our products are designed to give them all the best chance of survival should they need it. In fact, our products have often been featured on television’s Tactical to Practical show - a strong statement about how the benefits from one solution often spill over to become solutions for another market.

Many of our products are researched, designed, tested and manufactured right where they are conceived. We are proud to be one of the unique companies in the industry where we control the entire product cycle, from initial research and product prototype design, to product testing and final production and quality assurance. Even after our products leave our manufacturing floor, we have a national network of Mustang Survival dealers and Mustang Certified Service Facilities where products can be inspected, maintained and repaired.

We are proud to uphold the highest level of quality control in our North American facilities. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Canada are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Click here to view our ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Our commitment to our customers is uncompromising because their lives depend on our products. We are committed to the support and maintenance of a continuously improving Quality Management system, and believe quality is the responsibility of every Mustang Survival employee. Click here to view our quality policy.

If you would like to share an idea or invention with us, please read and fill out our New Product Disclosure Form before contacting us. This form details the conditions upon which we may consider your invention and will help you understand how we will proceed.

Our suppliers are important partners in our business. If you are interested in becoming a Mustang Survival supplier, contact us or download our Supplier Terms and Conditions.

Photo Caption: Our prototype shop and testing pool at our Canadian headquarters.

Mustang Users

Our products and solutions provide marine safety and extreme climate protection for users in the recreation, professional and military markets. We are also involved with key industry associations and sponsorships that support the education and training of our users in these markets. For more information about our industry involvement, visit our Industry and Community page



From bass fishermen superstars Mike McClelland and Dave Mercer, to leisure boaters, sailors, and kids, our recreational products are designed for maximum comfort, mobility and fun. By using innovative designs and processes, our recreational products are well known for their quality and comfort.

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Photo Caption: Fishermen showing off their catch after a great (and safe) day on the water while wearing our exclusive HIT™ inflatable personal flotation device. With Hydrostatic Inflation Technology, his vest will only inflate if it’s submerged under 4 inches or more of water, not when he gets splashed or rained on.

Photo courtesy of Langara Fishing Lodge.



Our professional users work in environments where the reliability and durability of their equipment is crucial in to their safety and the safety of others. From industrial marine workers, to the Coast Guard and FBI agents, to Public Safety professionals like police officers, firemen, and water rescue crews, we create solutions catered to their specific requirements. These users deserve only the best while they are out there making a difference and saving lives.

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Photo Caption: Search & Rescue Professional Thyren Garde-Jacobs at the Chilliwack River, BC. 


Search & Rescue


Our military users face the most unpredictable and hazardous environments and conduct missions on the seas, in the air, and on land. For what they do, they need complete confidence in their protective gear because there are no second chances. From damage tolerant life preservers with ballistic protection to anti-G suits and even custom inflatable life jackets for astronauts, we work with them hand-in-hand to turn innovation into workable solutions that are put through the most stringent tests. Working with military teams from all over the globe, we have designed and produced complete solutions that continue to keep those who put their lives on the line safe.

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Caption: Anti-G suits are critical in preventing the onset of unconsciousness caused by excessive G forces. Our anti-G suits are 100% quality tested and used by various military teams.


Our People

Our company has come a long way from five employees in a small warehouse. Now serving customers worldwide, our 43,000 square feet head office and manufacturing facility is located in Burnaby, BC, Canada with our customer service department, sales offices, warehouse, and manufacturing facility located in Washington, West Virginia, and Florida in the United States.

There is a common thread between the people at Mustang Survival – a true passion for finding innovative and practical solutions to make a difference in how lives can be saved.

From our researchers and product developers who come up with the first concepts of a new product, to the Supply Chain and Manufacturing teams that sources the latest materials and discovers cost-saving production processes, right to our Customer Service, Business Development and Sale professionals who continue to help our users find the products they need and solicit continual feedback from the market, we mean it when we say At Mustang, We Save Lives For A Living. It is this evolution of the fundamental passion founded by Irv Davies over forty years ago that continues to drive our company and people to design and build some of the most trusted and innovative solutions in the industry.

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