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Mustang Survival – Canada

7525 Lowland Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5J 5L1
Tel: 604.270.8631
Fax: 604.270.0489

Our company was established in 1967 in a small warehouse in downtown Vancouver. Over 40 years later, our head office is now located in a 43,800 square feet facility in Burnaby, BC. and home to our executives and key operation teams including Research & Product Development, Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art testing facility, including a pool specifically equipped for researching and testing the latest product prototypes and innovations, is located here.

Mustang Survival – USA

1215 Old Fairhaven Parkway, Suite C
Bellingham, Washington
Tel: 360.676.1782
Fax: 360.676.5014

Established since 1984, our Bellingham location is home to our Customer Service team as well as our West Coast Business Development and Sales representatives. We have an additional business development and sales team in Annapolis, MD.


Mustang Survival – USA

214 Williams Drive
Spencer, WV 25276
Tel: 304-927-1111

Our US distribution center is located in Spencer, West Virgina.