Trusted by the best.

With 45 years of experience applying innovative technologies to practical lifesaving solutions, our recreational products are designed, developed and made from the same products used by the world’s most demanding users, including industrial marine workers, Coast Guard units, fighter jet pilots and even NASA astronauts. So whether you’re looking for the best kid’s lifejacket for your baby, a comfortable PFD for yourself, or the best quality anti exposure suit for your ice fishing trip, know that all our products are trusted by the best.

Serious products for serious users.

For more than 45 years, we have outfitted some of the most demanding users working in the world’s most unpredictable and hazardous environments. From commercial fishermen and industrial marine workers to law enforcement officers, the Coast Guard and even NASA astronauts, we’ve designed and provided professional users like you with industry leading personal protection equipment. As a serious user, you can, without a doubt, rely on our lifesaving solutions so you can focus on what you do best.

You have an extraordinary job to do. We help you do it safely.

We design and provide complete defense and security solutions as if our own lives depend on them because we know your lives do, especially during tough times when lives and budgets are on the line. From life preservers and flotation gear to anti-exposure and anti-G suits, we work with you to build solutions specific to your mission's requirements. We focus on integrating new technologies into practical solutions that provide the superior performance and protection you need to do your job safely.